500 more conservators expected for Tanzania tourism

Minister for Tourism and Natural Resources, Mr Lazaro Nyalandu, speaking shortly after he had officiated at a Pasiansi Wildlife Training Institute (PWTI) graduation ceremony said Tanzania was looking forward to employing highly skilled personnel along with the establishment of the designed wildlife authority.

The Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority (TAWA) had already been established by Government Notice number 135 of May, this year, tasked with a number of obligations including reshaping wildlife management and conservation.

“Employment of highly skilled wildlife conservators is important as we establish this authority whose vision is to become a centre of excellence in wildlife law enforcement.

So it is crucial that we deploying a workforce that meets this vision,” said the minister.

According to the minister, wildlife conservation activities countrywide have encountered a number of challenges, from poaching to massive destruction of natural resources, challenging the institute to address them as well.

He said Tanzania would keep mobilizing more resources, both financial and material, to ensure its wildlife resources were secured and maintained. Wildlife resources are very important for the survival of tourism in Tanzania. It is also for this reason that Tanzania is fighting so fervently against poaching in its game reserves.

The minister said there are some partners already committed to support the country on that mission, pledging to equip it with high tech equipment such as helicopters for regular patrols in search of criminals and gangs sabotaging the country’s wildlife resources. Tanzania recently received a helicopter from the US based Howard Buffet

Foundation to facilitate surveys and patrols in the fight against poaching.

Minister Nyalandu said the Pasiansi Institute would be transformed into a centre of excellence in wildlife training.

PWTI Principal, Ms Lowaeli Damalu, said the trainees were awarded with Basic Certificates in Wildlife Management (BTCWM) and Technician Certificates in Wildlife Management (TCWM).

She said the pass rate in examinations had increase by 25 percent on average this year as the trainees learnt that the government planned to offer them direct employment upon completion of their programmes. This would be an incentive to any student anywhere.

Students at PWTI study subjects such as wildlife management, conservation education, conservations skills, law enforcement, and wildlife statistics.

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